So I’ve totally wanted to kill myself. Strong opener right? Don’t worry I’m fine. I wrote this letter days after my mom died 22 years ago.

For context it was my freshman year of college.

I felt a pull to share it now. As I’m doing my annual review I’ve reflected on people who’ve touched my life and the people I encounter on the daily.

I work with a few overfunctioners at work. I’m guilty of the same, but I limit it to the most important people in my life.

This has a comical side effect of them thinking that’s just how I treat everyone.

womp womp

Adding value has been a priority for me as long as I can remember.

Making hard things easy for the people important to me.

Anywho. Tell someone your love them and that they look nice today. 52FE8A75-200D-4544-B2C9-9E3C6D21B920.jpg

Weird moment for me today. In 2015 I set an income goal. It was big enough to excite me and small enough to be achievable.

Today I exceeded that goal. Money was such a focus and source of stress in my life and I’ve been blessed now with all new, all different challenges.

I’m grateful to the few who were there, who helped when times were lean.

I’m grateful for the friends I can be in conflict with without jeopardizing our friendship. We can respect each other and our differences at the same time.

Every day I write out 3 things that I want to accomplish. The streak I have going for not accomplishing that is stunning.

Making progress on not being my own worst enemy. There’s enough so called friends out there to actually handle that. So I might as well be a friend to myself.

Have been using Onnit products for years. This stuff gets it done. #onnit #focusrite Discount code in bio if you wanna be more productive.

The ‪@FairmontOlympic ‬needs to step their customer service game up. I approached the front desk and the blazer clad employee just looked at me. I broke up our staring contest by being the first to say hello. I was the first to ask how HE was doing. SMH. DO BETTER.