So I’ve totally wanted to kill myself. Strong opener right? Don’t worry I’m fine. I wrote this letter days after my mom died 22 years ago.

For context it was my freshman year of college.

I felt a pull to share it now. As I’m doing my annual review I’ve reflected on people who’ve touched my life and the people I encounter on the daily.

I work with a few overfunctioners at work. I’m guilty of the same, but I limit it to the most important people in my life.

This has a comical side effect of them thinking that’s just how I treat everyone.

womp womp

Adding value has been a priority for me as long as I can remember.

Making hard things easy for the people important to me.

Anywho. Tell someone your love them and that they look nice today. 52FE8A75-200D-4544-B2C9-9E3C6D21B920.jpg