2019-01-14: Allow me to introduce you to my joy sparking underpants....

2019-01-13: Alright my #howdidaginghityouchallenge post. I’ll take it.

2019-01-13: I want to be a yacht friend.

2019-01-11: Blessings On Repeat Seattle and Bellevue sunrises

2019-01-11: Fantastic morning #cloudporn #microsoftlife

2019-01-10: I like the color here

2019-01-10: On the job #microsoftlife

2019-01-09: So i’m parked in my car. Car parks beside me....

2019-01-08: Trying a SAD lamp. I think mine is broken.

2019-01-06: Gonna be a light 2019

2019-01-04: What I’m working on this year #principles @dailystoic

2019-01-03: It’s #pomodoro time!

2019-01-02: Def set to win this year @bestselfco

2018-12-20: Talk softly and carry a flatstick

2018-12-18: I don’t wanna taco bout it

2018-12-17: Spreading a little holiday cheer. These played well today. #cookie...

2018-12-16: I can’t lie, i’m mainly here for the dual monitor...

2018-12-16: Old digs

2018-12-15: I was just talking about the daily, fancy water we...

2018-12-15: This was cold AF but I stayed the full four...

2018-12-15: In case you forgot…Today will be AWESOME!

2018-12-14: 🎁And that’s a wrap folks. What’s up this wknd?

2018-12-14: 🔥On the keys spitting hot FIRE

2018-12-14: I’m not watching the clock. I’m keeping an eye on...

2018-12-13: You deserve a break today. What’s your go to snack?...

2018-12-13: All wrapped up with a pretty little bow

2018-12-12: I wanted to focus on my forehead priorities. So I...

2018-12-12: Solid purchase. Love the sound of silence. Wireless. 👍

2018-12-12: We volunteer hard. XMAS cookies y’all. #compasshousingalliance

2018-12-10: My top 9 for 2018. #top9of2018 here’s to more of...

2018-12-06: Pretty excited about this little PEMF device #oska

2018-12-06: Killer morning

2018-12-05: Feel the force

2018-12-04: Getting stuff done

2018-12-04: #red

2018-12-03: Upon reflection I found that I’m best understood, not by...

2018-12-01: Secret Santa is fun. Agree? Disagree?

2018-11-24: I’m thankful

2018-11-23: #fall🍁

2018-11-21: Snacks

2018-11-17: Super jazzy episode of life today. #fallcolors🍁🍂

2018-11-14: I feel good about the trend.

2018-11-12: I’m crushing this 44 hr fast.

2018-11-11: Light in the dark #jj_forum_2426 #sillouette

2018-11-09: Yes yes y’all. #coffeequotes

2018-11-08: Greeeeeeeeeeek 😉

2018-11-08: Lines #jj_forum_2424

2018-11-07: Pros and cons to keeping a journal for over 10...

2018-11-07: Wait, where am I’m going? #facade #jj_forum_2423

2018-11-05: You can’t see me.

2018-11-05: Monday, am I right? This is gonna be a week....

2018-11-03: So with no good pizza options I’m losing a ton...

2018-11-02: I’m a professional

2018-11-01: Headed to the #weekendtime

2018-10-30: One year. Made it. #microsoftlife

2018-10-29: Monday at @thebravern powered by @trophycupcakes coffee #microsoftlife

2018-10-27: Structure

2018-10-26: Lucky number 9

2018-10-24: When you encounter someone, you have two choices, help them...

2018-10-24: #Interbay watch.

2018-10-18: Morning glow

2018-10-17: Rollin

2018-10-17: That texture

2018-10-15: Fair representation of where I’m at with my current responsibilities....

2018-10-15: Time. I remember taking this. Finances. Family. Work. Health. Struggles...

2018-10-14: Didn’t need that window anyway.

2018-10-14: Coooool. This week starts with a smashed window and stolen...

2018-10-13: In retrospect I should have gotten this for myself. 📸...

2018-10-12: Flashing. Lights.

2018-10-12: The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog. How you...

2018-10-11: Tones & curves

2018-10-10: So Nick thinks it’s cool to park in my spot...

2018-10-09: Hope is the rice cake of belief.

2018-10-09: I miss MOD pizza. 🍕

2018-10-09: Major Tom to ground control. I’m curious…who are you? Why...

2018-10-08: This time last year I was stressing over getting an...

2018-10-08: Special

2018-10-07: I used to know someone I’d definitely grab these for...

2018-10-07: Progress not perfection

2018-10-06: Did I ever tell you about the time I climbed...

2018-10-06: Ikea times

2018-10-05: At a minimum, folks just want to know that they...

2018-10-05: No one cares. But I’ve been dreaming lately. And I...

2018-10-05: Liberated a discarded cork board and now I can put...

2018-10-04: On that new-new

2018-10-04: Happy Thor’s Day #marvel_pics

2018-10-03: Views

2018-10-03: Not shown. Double rainbow 🌈🌈

2018-10-03: Eyes up

2018-10-02: Might have one of these loose

2018-10-02: I don’t understand.

2018-10-02: My lucky day #volvo #xc60

2018-10-01: It’s #fall y’all. #pumpkin

2018-10-01: Part time #powerranger

2018-09-30: Take time to reflect

2018-09-30: Remember to take time to reflect. 📸

2018-09-30: BLDG 1. I hardly knew thee. So long. #msftlife #officemoves...

2018-09-30: Scenic drives FTW

2018-09-27: My home screen. 📱

2018-09-27: Always remember the people on your team

2018-09-23: Dates are funny.

2018-09-22: After helping some stranded tourists get if of harms way...

2018-09-20: Missing calexio and cutthroat

2018-09-20: So I’ve totally wanted to kill myself. Strong opener right?...

2018-09-19: Tasty snacks for sure @daveeheller thanks!

2018-09-18: When it all falls down.

2018-09-17: When coffee comes with an 80’s party.

2018-09-16: Ironically beautiful sunset

2018-09-16: So I guess I’ll go this way

2018-09-16: Too much time spent here. Taking a break for a...

2018-09-16: Shout out to all those who assume positive intent.

2018-09-15: If this ain’t legendary what you call it?! superhuman

2018-09-14: We like to move it move it. #msftlife

2018-09-14: Weird moment for me today. In 2015 I set an...

2018-09-13: I’m grateful for the friends I can be in conflict...

2018-09-13: All of the lights #nightshooters #livewashington #seattlewa

2018-09-13: Every day I write out 3 things that I want...

2018-09-12: Baby

2018-09-12: Folks love some infused water here at work #msftlife #healthybeverage...

2018-09-12: The hero I deserve. #whiteboardart

2018-09-10: Making progress on not being my own worst enemy. There’s...

2018-09-10: Workout Rorschach #spin #peolotoncycle

2018-09-10: Have been using Onnit products for years. This stuff gets...

2018-09-10: Good morning Seattle

2018-09-08: The ‪@FairmontOlympic ‬needs to step their customer service game up....

2018-09-07: Reflection is an underrated skill. Creating a space for review...

2018-09-07: @sean_edward_o on Instagram

2018-09-07: Where the magic happens. #deskorganization #deskgoals #msftlife #ember #knowledgeable

2018-09-07: Looking at my wknd exit

2018-09-06: “Are those made of some special material? Are they elastic?...

2018-09-06: #lifehack

2018-09-04: Welp. Time to get after it.

2018-09-02: Solid view

2018-08-29: Teamwork makes the dream work. Personally & professionally.

2018-08-28: Blessed

2018-08-27: Do the right thing

2018-08-22: Your moment of #zen

2018-08-22: Keep your eye and ears open

2018-08-21: #latergram Lake times